Limit Number Of Simultaneous Outbound SIP Calls

Is there a way to limit the number of simultaneous outbound SIP calls made by Asterisk? We’ve tried using the ‘Asterisk sip call-limit’ parameter but that doesn’t seem to be working and one of our engineers says that parameter has been depreciated.

The excerpts on the call-limit option from sip.conf file on an asterisk-1.6.2 is as follows:

;call-limit=1 ; permit only 1 outgoing call and 1 incoming call at a time ; from the phone to asterisk (deprecated) ; 1 for the explicit peer, 1 for the explicit user, ; remember that a friend equals 1 peer and 1 user in ; memory ; There is no combined call counter for a "friend" ; so there's currently no way in sip.conf to limit ; to one inbound or outbound call per phone. Use ; the group counters in the dial plan for that.
It looks like you are better off to use group counters to limit number of concurrent calls.