Leaving voicemail hang up because of no return media packets

I have a system which is connected via IAX2 to my provider Magrathea. My customer has a problem in that when someone leaves a long voicemail, the far end closes the call because there is no return media stream this has been proved with a Wireshark capture). Their policy is to close a connection after 90 seconds if no media is coming back and treats it as an orphaned call.

They told me that this is a know problem(?) with asterisk and there is a patch that can be applied which seems messy to me.

Can anyone offer a nicer solution please?


Rob Wilson.


Yes there was a patch many many years ago, since then you just need to set

transmit_silence_during_record = yes

in your asterisk.conf file.

Hi Ian,
Thank you so much, that was precisely what I needed. Great stuff!!