Large Number of Extensions

Question: Is there a limit on the number of unique call handling routines we can configure in the extensions.conf file, where each entry performs a basic set of actions?

Details and Background:
We are using Asterisk for a research project. Our use case requires us to configure Asterisk such that it can process incoming SIP calls and perform specific actions for each call (eg: Perform IVR treatment, recognize DTMF etc). We are planning to scale the setup to about 30,000 numbers, which will allow us to control each call in a unique way.

Due to this requirement, we tried configuring 30,000 entries in the extensions.conf file, where each number is configured to answer the call and hang up. When we try to load the configuration file, we observe that the configuration fails to load with the following error

Unable to load module Command 'module load' failed.

Please note that aggregating the numbers using a wildcard is not an option for us at the moment (i.e. we can’t use XXXXX for matching and grouping number together).

Hardware Specifications:
CPU Intel i7 (4 core)

There is no built in limit, but there are some cases where incorrect configuration will cause the loading of it to fail.

Thanks @jcolp for looking into the query. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the configuration, since we are able to load a lesser number of config lines and it works fine.

The relevant logs can be found at :

And the output of “dialplan show” is?

And at what level is your verbose and debug? You may want to bump it up and see if it helps uncover the problem.

Hi @jcolp, we made 2 tests and the behavior and logs are captured in the files attached.

  1. We tried to configure using 10k config lines, and Asterisk was able to load the configuration on startup.

  2. We tried to load 30k config lines, and we notice that when we start Asterisk, it fails to load. But, on forcing the config to be reloaded, it was able to load the configuration. Do note that this is not consistent, and it sometimes fails to load the large config file.

The show command and debug logs for 10k and 30k config lines can be found at

If you are interested in specific debug flags to be set, let me know and I shall get the logs for the same.