Landline phone cannot hang up for 15 seconds

Hello, When I dial to landline through my asterisk and the caller on the other side hangs up, it’s not hanging up, when the caller picks up the phone he still hearing the asterisk.

I clocked it and it’s 15 second time frame for asterisk to hang up that call. This is happening only when I’m dialing out and I tried different VOIP providers.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Is this happening with VOIP only or pots ? My guess would be that the BYE packet is not making it right away.

it’s happening with 2 different providers, inphonex and voicepulse. I called voicepulse and they said that as soon as landline hangs up they send some sort of message to my asterisk and it’s not getting there.

any clue?

Check your router settings. Also try running wire shark and see if the BYE packets are coming in.