Lab setup

I teach data communications and would like to add some VOIP exercises in the lab. I am interested in using * as a call manager but will not have any access to outside lines. Just want to use it in class as a local PBX. Will this work? Also can anyone recommend any inexpensive phones that work well with *. Thanks,


Better than that, try some softphones. PC based SIP phone software.

Functionally, they’re the same as VOIP hardphones, but can be setup free. Add PC with speakers and a microphone and you’re all set.

SJphone and X-Lite are both good options.



Click here for good instructions to get the classroom started:


Also, if you have access to the internet from your lab you could just obtain some IAX2/SIP services from the likes of FWD and IPKALL to show some dialing into and out of other networks.

Also, for the ‘advanced’ class you could also connect and play around with the DUNDi network as well.

Thanks for the ideas. I had not thought of soft phones. I will test this out.