Individual/personal Use

OK, I just learned of Asterisk and have several question.

  1. Can this be used by an individual without additional equipment. Using only a headset/mic or a wireless phone plugged into the PC phone jack

  2. Where does the phone number come from? Can I use the number I now have?

  3. Can a pc-video camera be used to include pictures or live action?


without sounding glib and telling you to read the wiki, read the wiki …

it’s a soft-PBX. if you want to run it on a workstation i would advise you don’t. for single-user use it’s more than you need.

you can use the console to make calls, but it would be a fetish thing IMO !!

cameras, sure, if you put the work in to server config and client-setup.

if you just want a soft-phone, try X-Lite, eyebeam, sjphone etc etc (check the wiki).

if you want to play with, or provide a real soft-PBX, then try Asterisk.