Ivr tracking

I have a callcenter and I need Asterisk to “tell” the operator where the call has pass trough, for example, the customer dialed 1 for sales, then 1 for a new car, and then 2 for Nissan, and I was wondering if Asterisk can “tell” the operator “sales, new car and Nissan”, that would make the call shorter and improve the customer attention.
I already have de differents audios, is this posible?

any ideas?
this is my first post, so excuse me for the lack of information.

excuse me for my english, it’s not my native laguaje


Modify a channel variable as the call progresses. Interpet it in in a Dial answer subroutine (or macro).


As David said Build up a channel variable , then what we have doen in teh past is then set the callerID name to that text string.

this way the caller gets teh details and the callers callerid number. asl this info will be stored in the CDR records

The callerid route will work but you’ll quickly discover you are going to run out of the amount of data you can pass rather quickly or have to start using cryptic abbreviations like “SLNWNIS”.


exten=1,n,Set(IVRPATH=${IVRPATH} + “SALES”

exten=1,n,Set(IVRPATH=${IVRPATH} + “NEW”

exten=1,n,Set(IVRPATH=${IVRPATH} + “NISSAN”

exten=s,n,Set(CALLERID(name) = ${IVRPATH}

When that takes place your going to want to start looking for a screen pop type solution. Which stores the data out of band like in a database before the transfer. The person receiving the call then goes in to the database to pull the data saved. 100s of ways to skin that cat that all depend on your environment and configuration.