IVR per extension

Is it possibe to create IVRs and add them to specyfic extension?? For example, we have bunch of extensions, and we want to be able to create IVRs that will give people options to press 1 for voicemail or 2 to be forwarded to their cell phones if their extension dont pick up. As of right now it goes directly to voicemail if they do not answer. :question:


exten => s,1,Dial(${ARG1},20,rtT)
exten => s,n,Goto(s-NOANSWER,1)
exten => s-NOANSWER,1,Read(OPTION|prompt|1)
exten => s-NOANSWER,2,Gotoif($[${OPTION} = 2] ?s,20)
exten => s-NOANSWER,3,Gotoif($[${OPTION} = 3] ?s,30)
exten => s-NOANSWER,4,Gotoif($[${OPTION} = 4] ?s,40:40)
exten => s,20,Goto(CUSTOMER_SERVICE_QUEUE,s,1)
exten => s,30,WaitMusicOnHold(15)
exten => s,31,Goto(from-inside,${MACRO_EXTEN},1)
exten => s,40,Voicemail(${ARG2})

there is a slightly modified version of our main macro. you dial a rep, they don’t pick up, you’re given the following options:

press 2: go to queue
press 3: continue holding
press 4: go to VM

works great and is easy to implement.

but haw can i do:

press 2: Forward to my cell phone (instead go to queue) , can i use misc destinations??? with my cell #
press 3: continue holding
press 4: go to VM

i’m not going to code everything for you - i already gave you the template, you can figure out the rest in a few minutes on your own…

Thanks i got it
Misc destinations for cell forwartding, IVR, FOllow me, system rtecordings :smile: