Issues with dialing Webex Conference Pins


We are having issues dialing into external conference rooms like Cisco Webex. It does not only happen for Webex, but that is what I will use to describe the issue. For example, we will call the Webex number and it prompts for the meeting number. We enter the number and Webex detects that we entered a completely different number compared to what we actually entered. The meeting number will be 12345678, but Webex detects that we enters 123333455… Again, the is happens with other services besides Webex which makes me think it is possibly something on the Asterisk side. The problem also occurs on different phone models (Aastra, Cisco, Polycom)

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Asterisk version 13.7.0

Can you reproduce this issue from the phone directly, bypassing Asterisk but using the same ITSP?
Make sure you’re using the same Asterisk DTMF settings on the phone during your test.

You didn’t actually say what your channel technology was; I had to deduce that from your choice of phones. I still don’t know if you are using chan_sip or PJSIP. Also, I don’t know what your dtmfmode, or the PJSIP equivalent, is.

You should enable DMTF logging to get an insight into how Asterisk is seeing the DMTF.

Hummm not sure, but how about a possibilities your device is sending DTMF tones at same time by using different methods, I just mean could be SIP INFO packets and RFC2833 or others.
Try to change to use only one method.