Issues ringing busy queue members *Resolved

I recently converted my system from using sip.conf for my users to use realtime users. the extensions are registering fine however now when a user is added to a queue and they receive or are on a call and a new call comes into the queue the ringinuse=0 for that queue no longer cares and seams to present them the call.

I suspect that the issues lies in the fact that if i do a queue show queuename i get
SIP/700 (ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (Not in use) has taken 1 calls (last was 1 secs ago)
no mater weather or not they are on a call. Interestingly enough after the call they were on ends the last call updates so some if the information is getting though. Any Ideas on how i can correct this?

i used the following user table to add my user to:

name varchar(80) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’,
context varchar(80) NOT NULL,
callingpres enum(‘allowed_not_screened’,‘allowed_passed_screen’,‘allowed_failed_screen’,‘allowed’,‘prohib_not_screened’,‘prohib_passed_screen’,‘prohib_failed_screen’,‘prohib’,‘unavailable’) DEFAULT ‘allowed_not_screened’,
deny varchar(95) DEFAULT NULL,
permit varchar(95) DEFAULT NULL,
secret varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
md5secret varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
remotesecret varchar(250) DEFAULT NULL,
transport enum(‘tcp’,‘udp’,‘tcp,udp’) DEFAULT NULL,
host varchar(31) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’,
nat varchar(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘no’,
type enum(‘user’,‘peer’,‘friend’) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘friend’,
accountcode varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
amaflags varchar(13) DEFAULT NULL,
callgroup varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL,
callerid varchar(80) NOT NULL,
defaultip varchar(15) DEFAULT ‘’,
dtmfmode varchar(7) DEFAULT NULL,
fromuser varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
fromdomain varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
insecure varchar(4) DEFAULT NULL,
language char(2) DEFAULT NULL,
mailbox varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL,
pickupgroup varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL,
qualify char(3) DEFAULT NULL,
regexten varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
rtptimeout char(3) DEFAULT NULL,
rtpholdtimeout char(3) DEFAULT NULL,
setvar varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
disallow varchar(100) DEFAULT ‘all’,
allow varchar(100) DEFAULT ‘h263p;ulaw;alaw;gsm;g729’,
fullcontact varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
ipaddr varchar(15) DEFAULT NULL,
port mediumint(5) unsigned DEFAULT ‘0’,
username varchar(80) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’,
defaultuser varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
subscribecontext varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
directmedia enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT NULL,
trustrpid enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT NULL,
sendrpid enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT NULL,
progressinband enum(‘never’,‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT NULL,
promiscredir enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT NULL,
useclientcode enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT NULL,
callcounter enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT NULL,
busylevel int(10) unsigned DEFAULT NULL,
allowoverlap enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT ‘yes’,
allowsubscribe enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT ‘yes’,
allowtransfer enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT ‘yes’,
ignoresdpversion enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT ‘no’,
template varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
videosupport enum(‘yes’,‘no’,‘always’) DEFAULT ‘no’,
maxcallbitrate int(10) unsigned DEFAULT NULL,
rfc2833compensate enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT ‘yes’,
session-timers enum(‘originate’,‘accept’,‘refuse’) DEFAULT ‘accept’,
session-expires int(5) unsigned DEFAULT ‘1800’,
session-minse int(5) unsigned DEFAULT ‘90’,
session-refresher enum(‘uac’,‘uas’) DEFAULT ‘uas’,
t38pt_usertpsource enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT NULL,
outboundproxy varchar(250) DEFAULT NULL,
callbackextension varchar(250) DEFAULT NULL,
registertrying enum(‘yes’,‘no’) DEFAULT ‘yes’,
timert1 int(5) unsigned DEFAULT ‘500’,
timerb int(8) unsigned DEFAULT NULL,
qualifyfreq int(5) unsigned DEFAULT ‘120’,
contactpermit varchar(250) DEFAULT NULL,
contactdeny varchar(250) DEFAULT NULL,
lastms int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
regserver varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
regseconds int(11) DEFAULT ‘0’,
useragent varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL,
UNIQUE KEY name (name),
KEY name_2 (name)

Issue has been resolved by setting rtcachefriends=yes in sip.cong if for some reason rtupdate=yes default yes is set to no rtupdate also needs to be set correctly