Issues Receiving Faxes

Currently running version 14 and trying to receive a standard fax but am unable to. All my searching leads to old unsupported solutions. Any help would be appreciated in how to accomplish this.

== Redirecting ‘SIP/’ to fax extension due to CNG detection
[Oct 19 14:49:53] ERROR[4926][C-0000e8c0]: res_fax.c:1175 fax_session_reserve: Could not locate a FAX technology module with capabilities (RECEIVE)
[Oct 19 14:49:53] ERROR[4926][C-0000e8c0]: res_fax.c:2222 receivefax_exec: Unable to reserve FAX session.
== Spawn extension (inbound, fax, 4) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/’

Can you issue a ‘fax show capabilities’ at the console?

You don’t have a res_fax technology loaded. You likely don’t have the dependencies on your system in order to have “res_fax_spandsp” built. Consult your distribution packages for the spandsp developer one, re-run ./configure, and see if res_fax_spandsp can be built by looking at “make menuselect”.


That did the trick. Had to do: apt-get -y install libspandsp-dev then rebuild and load the res_fax_spandsp. Many thanks @jcolp!

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