Issue with SIP NOTIFY


I’m trying to build en environement using Asterisk on one side and Exchange 2010 on the other side. In my environement, Exchange will be used for storing voicemail and Asterisk for the PBX avtivities.

Exchange 2010 sends a SIP NOTIFY message to the gateway / IP-PBX to notify the number of voice messages (read / unread etc …).

Once the integration was done (I can send an recieve call between the two environnements) I identified that Asterisk rejetc the SIP NOTIFY message from Exchange with a 489 Bad request.

After some research, I found the following bug : which seams to solve my issue but I’m unable to patch it. I get several HUNK failure when runing the patch command on any on the pacth file available on the link.

I’m runing Asterisk on CentOS 5.3. I believe I’m not having the proper source file of the chan_sip.c but I may be wrong.

Thanks for any help.
Damien Caro