Issue with N-way Conference in Asterisk 13.8.0

I am trying to achieve 3-way conference call taking hint from wiki link but it seems that the new bridge infrastructure does not support such a way.
Can anyone help me out to establish a N-way conference initiated by callee?

Let me explain the expected behavior:
Customer - Caller Party
Agent - Users logged in to Queue.


  1. Customer call the server and gets added to Queue
  2. Agent-1 gets unpaused
  3. Queue dials the call to Agent-1
  4. Agent-1 answers the call
  5. Agent-1 punches *0.
  6. Server redirects Customer to Conference room R1.
  7. After Customer is redirected, server waits for input from Agent-1.
  8. After receiving the input, server dials out the extension (Assume its Agent-2).
  9. Agent-2 answers the call.
  10. Agent-1 punches ** and both (Agent-1 and Agent-2) are redirected to Conference room R1.