Issue with N-way Calling

I am using n-way-call solution from voip-info. … call+HOWTO

There are 3 users, User1,User2,User3

When User1 calls User2 and during the call User1 sends user2 to free conference 444 by ‘*0’ .
User1 gets the dialtone, and so it calls user3 ,now user1 and user3 should be connected. But when I press ‘*0’ from user1 nothing happens on asterisk server, but from user2 , it starts n-way-start, will be connected to user3, user1 who initiates the call automatically disconnects from the call.

when user1 press **, now this disconnects user1 from the call, but the call will be going on between user2 and user3. but in N-way, user1 should be able to invite user3 by pressing ** and at the same time user1 should be in call. But it is disconnecting user1 from the call.

Any Suggestions ?


Any suggestions pls.

Hi ,

I’m also facing the same issue. It will useful if you all share your idea.

I have been stuck here for more than 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance,

Maheswari T.

You should probably contact the author of the web page.

This code is using macros which is deprecated.

I is also running the PBX during a dynamic features which is not supported, according to the documentation of the dynamic feature facility.

There is a good chance that the way it uses ChannelRedirect is dependent on the old bridging code. It would take more time than I have to work out whether it is safe (doesn’t undermine itself) using the old bridging implementation, let alone the new one. It is relying on details of how the unsupported use of dialplan in a feature works.

I would suggest, to do this safely, you need a third party control solution, e.g. AMI based.

I haven’t checked whether the current code supports this sort of operation natively.