Issue Using Feature Group B

I know this is ancient stuff, and Ive seen messages that 4 wire support may have issues in Asterisk, but here goes…

I have an E&M card in a channel bank connected to Asterisk 20 configured for feature group B (mf signalling). When a call is originated from Asterisk, I see the MF digits spill out on my Sage 930A connected to the E&M channel after sending a wink from the Sage 930A to Asterisk. That part works great.

What doesn’t work is seizing the E&M trunk from the Sage 930 to make a call into Asterisk.When I seize the trunk, I see the wink, but the MF digits are not being recognized by Asterisk. When I dial KP+EXTEN+ST I see the following in the logs for the E&M channel:

    -- Starting simple switch on 'DAHDI/45-1'
[Jan 26 16:43:10] DEBUG[34765]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:1377 check_expiration_thread: Woke up at 1706316190  Interval: 30
[Jan 26 16:43:10] DEBUG[34765]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:1384 check_expiration_thread: Expiring 0 contacts
[Jan 26 16:43:12] WARNING[39003][C-00000026]: sig_analog.c:2086 __analog_ss_thread: A KP was expected to start signaling for Feature Group B, but we got something else. Received: s on channel 45
[Jan 26 16:43:12] DEBUG[39003][C-00000026]: chan_dahdi.c:4842 dahdi_ec_enable: Enabled echo cancellation on channel 45
    -- Unknown extension 's' in context 'LocalSets' requested
[Jan 26 16:43:15] DEBUG[39003][C-00000026]: channel.c:5821 set_format: Channel DAHDI/45-1 setting write format path: ulaw -> ulaw
[Jan 26 16:43:15] DEBUG[39003][C-00000026]: chan_dahdi.c:9035 my_dahdi_write: Write returned -1 (Unknown error 500) on channel 45
[Jan 26 16:43:15] DEBUG[39003][C-00000026]: channel.c:3207 ast_settimeout_full: Scheduling timer at (50 requested / 50 actual) timer ticks per second
    -- <DAHDI/45-1> Playing 'ss-noservice.ulaw' (language 'en')
[Jan 26 16:43:15] DEBUG[39003][C-00000026]: sig_analog.c:3606 analog_exception: analog_exception 45
[Jan 26 16:43:15] DEBUG[39003][C-00000026]: sig_analog.c:3698 analog_exception: Exception on 52, channel 45
[Jan 26 16:43:15] DEBUG[39003][C-00000026]: sig_analog.c:2745 __analog_handle_event: __analog_handle_event 45
[Jan 26 16:43:15] DEBUG[39003][C-00000026]: sig_analog.c:2772 __analog_handle_event: Got event ANALOG_EVENT_ONHOOK(1) on channel 45 (index 0)

Asterisk seems to be returning 's' for the MF digits which is incorrect. Could featb termination be broken somehow, or do I have a misconfig somewhere?

It was my mistake. I had the tone generator set to -23dBm on the sage 930A from a previous test of another MF decoder to check its sentitivity. Turning it up to -3dBm was enough for Asterisk to decode the MF digits.

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