Feature Group D Problems

I’m working with my telco to get E&M wink + Feature Group D on one of my T1s working… It looks like I’m receiving the information from my telco properly. But when I try to place a call from my end, it says I’m sending “14805551212”, but the telco is receiving “0001000400080000000500050005…” Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in Advance,

Hrm thats odd. I imagine the telco doesn’t complete the call because of this. I can’t think of anything in Asterisk that would cause this. Maybe unless we are set to pulse digits or something and they interpret the on-hook/off-hooks as 0’s.

The telco is just transfering the call to an operator after reading the first zero… Might have to upgrade these T1s to PRI…

Whats your actual signalling set to in zapata.conf?