ISDN via managed switch to E1?


I am working on improving my contingency plan for my asterisk systems.

We’ve got our production servers and replicated backup servers at each site which are geographically despersed.

Currently when switching over to the backup systems we need someone onsite to physically repatch the ISDN from the production E1 card into the backup E1. This obviously isnt great.

What I want to do is run the ISDN PRI through a managed switch to the PBX. This way we can have the backup systems already patched and ready to go - all I would need to do is activate the ports on the switch which are patched to the backup system and route the ISDN to it.

My question is how do I route ISDN PRI through a switch and get it to terminate at the E1? Not sure if I’d need converters or if I can route the raw signals.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


You don’t need a converter, just route the raw signals.


Marco Bruni

Well, I’ve to correct my previous post, you can’t pass the isdn signals through a switch, don’t do that !

Sorry for my mistake about :frowning:


Marco Bruni

Have you looked at the fonebridge wich uses TDMOE.

You could also use a SIP-PRI Gateway like an Audiocodes Mediant 1000.
Then you could use SIP from your Audiocodes pstn gateway to your asterisk server… (and never worry about drivers and that kind of stuff…)


There are some E1 voip gateway provide such backup functions. I think it will be easier and stable. normally it connect to the voip, when voip broken, it can change to the backup E1. or it can just make E1 exchange. please have a look on this .