ISDN PRI/E1 lines

from last 8 hours I am trying to configure E1 circuit…

if some one know than please tell me following detail regarding pri in India

Company = TATA (my pri is provided by tata)
Framing Protocol = ?
ISDN switch-type = ?
Signalling Protocol = ?

and yes in /etc/dahdi/system.conf
loadzone = ?
defaultzone = ?

thanks in advance…

The best people to ask for the first three are Tata. Second best are the vendors of the ISDN card.

For the remaining two, if “in” is an acceptable value, use that.

thank you david…I got answer of these questions but my issue is not solved yet :neutral_face:

have a look at … 58748.html

may be of help.

Since even after getting the answer to the questions you still have an unspecified issue and you purchased a card, you should be able to contact the support department of your card vendor with help in initial setup.

hi ritwick1510

you didnt mentioned wich E1 card you have purchased.

if it is Digium follow the below link … erisk.html

if it is sangoma follw the below link … odial.html