ISDN error

Hi everyone,

Great forum here, has helped me a few times before. I am having a bit of trouble with an ISDN card, we have an AVM B1 using asterisk version 1.2.2 and have been doing for some time, working perfectly. All of a sudden yesterday it started dropping calls. The call comes in the phones ring, then after two rings the system hangs up. If you pick up the phone within those two rings then it is fine and the call is perfect. You can dial out on the ISDN fine. Asterisk CLI says:

Executing Wait(“CAPI/ISDN1#02/698000-34”, “5”) in new stack
> ISDN1#02: CAPI INFO 0x34e5: Message not compatible with call state

this comes up when the call hangs up after 2 rings.

ANyone have any ideas?