Is this something Asterisk-CDR is doing? (MySQL 5.x issues)

I’ve noticed a really NASTY crash/glitch in MySQL 5.

Every time I stop the server… or restart it … the server just flat goes zombie.

It refuses to launch due to a subsys lock or something… time out on the dameon.

The only way to get it back… is to do a removal of the mysql-server component… then re-install.

The Database core is still intact however… so its not a big problem… just a bit of a pain in the ### when you have to restart the system.

Is anyone else experencing this?

I have a feeling its only tied in with either freePBX… or Asterisk-CDR.

This seems to be more on the mysql end. Did you make any changes to it ? I had a simular problem and it turned up to be permissions based. Anything in the mysql logs ?

Nothing… and I didn’t do anything funny funny to it.

.> which is the wierd part.