Is this possible with asterisk?

Hello People!

I’m starting with a project and i think asterisk might be the right solution to use. The problem is that i need a system that support several simoultaneous calls (let’s say 20). I’m thinking in the performance of the whole service and i don’t know if only one server can hold (for example) an IVR, +2000 extensions (for users) and the db or if i need to split the whole thing into pieces, IVR Cluster, Extensions Cluster , DB Cluster and so on… beside all that i’m almost sure that i will need to record all the incoming calls for security and law in my country so i think i might have a bottleneck in performance there too…

Can you tell me if splitting these services is possible with asterisk?
Do you have any recommendation to run this scenario with a good performance?
Is a public cloud a good place to put the asterisk services?

Thanks in advance for you answers i’m starting reading all the books but i want to be sure of these doubts before proceeding.

Have a wonderful day all :smiley: