Asterisk and deployment questions


Up to know, I was quite focus on installing a Asterisk server for a group of 3 people. Now I am thinking of installing (an) asterisk server(s) for ~ 20 people.

I saw that the best would be to get 2 * servers, but how to do ?

  • Should I split the registration between the 2 servers ? (10 for the *Asterisk A and 10 for * server B ?

  • Should I use ONE server for incoming calls and the other ONE for outgoing calls ?
    => If so, how can I register a phone on the 2 servers ?

If there is any study case on this, that would be helpful

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WOW not sure where you got that from.

Unless you server is incredibly slow/bad you can easily handle 20 extensions on one server.

Any modern $2000 server should be able to easily handle 20-30 simultaneous calls even with recording, add a little more processor/disk horsepower and the server should handle 100+ calls. I would say the breakdown for mutliple servers should start at around the 75-100 simultaneous calls. Note thats simultaneous active calls so having 300-400 extensions on that server is fine as well.

Now, if redundancy is really important for you you could at any size implementation implement some high availability soultons and you can read more about that in the wiki.

Thanks for your answer…

Now what do you think about the fact to use the same “physical” network ?

The company is using a 100Mb/s Network
Only our Router supports the QoS service
All our hubs/Switch don’t support the QoS Service

I fear that if somebody or more people proceed a backup, that the communication could become poor…

Do you think that I should use a different network, with different cables for a group of more than 10 people ? (a different Physical Network)

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Personally if its possible to split voice and data onto separate physical networks then do it. It makes installation and administration much easier.

Also if you only have voice data on a network, you dont need QOS on the switches…


Thanks for your reply…

Well, I just thought about the fact that if a backup could use all the cable bandwith…

Now, I imagined to have 2 separate networks for “DATA” and "VOICE"
The 2 networks merging on the Modem/Router -> Need of the QoS
(Due to the fact that I have ONE Internet connection)

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