Asterisk Realtime, register=> how to put in db?

In asterisk realtime i have some doubts

My Asterisk server is registering with 10 other asterisk servers of different branches of the same company.

In iax.conf i have something like



It all work in files, now we are trying to remove those file and make use of mysql with asterisk realtime. How can i put the above said register command to mysql sip_buddies table shown below?

CREATE TABLE sip_buddies (
id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
name varchar(80) NOT NULL default ‘’,
host varchar(31) NOT NULL default ‘’,
nat varchar(5) NOT NULL default ‘no’,
type enum(‘user’,‘peer’,‘friend’) NOT NULL default ‘friend’,
accountcode varchar(20) default NULL,
amaflags varchar(13) default NULL,
call-limit smallint(5) unsigned default NULL,
callgroup varchar(10) default NULL,
callerid varchar(80) default NULL,
cancallforward char(3) default ‘yes’,
canreinvite char(3) default ‘yes’,
context varchar(80) default NULL,
defaultip varchar(15) default NULL,
dtmfmode varchar(7) default NULL,
fromuser varchar(80) default NULL,
fromdomain varchar(80) default NULL,
insecure varchar(4) default NULL,
language char(2) default NULL,
mailbox varchar(50) default NULL,
md5secret varchar(80) default NULL,
deny varchar(95) default NULL,
permit varchar(95) default NULL,
mask varchar(95) default NULL,
musiconhold varchar(100) default NULL,
pickupgroup varchar(10) default NULL,
qualify char(3) default NULL,
regexten varchar(80) default NULL,
restrictcid char(3) default NULL,
rtptimeout char(3) default NULL,
rtpholdtimeout char(3) default NULL,
secret varchar(80) default NULL,
setvar varchar(100) default NULL,
disallow varchar(100) default ‘all’,
allow varchar(100) default ‘g729;ilbc;gsm;ulaw;alaw’,
fullcontact varchar(80) NOT NULL default ‘’,
ipaddr varchar(15) NOT NULL default ‘’,
port smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default ‘0’,
regserver varchar(100) default NULL,
regseconds int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
lastms int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
username varchar(80) NOT NULL default ‘’,
defaultuser varchar(80) NOT NULL default ‘’,
subscribecontext varchar(80) default NULL,
UNIQUE KEY name (name),
KEY name_2 (name)


Need some urgent suggestions on the above.
If anybody has any clue, please post it asap.
The whole project decision is revolving around this one.