Is it possible to take control over bridge & Channel?

In Asterisk, is there any way where I can take control over bridge and channel so I can manipulate them according to my need?

I want to take control over an audio channel of asterisk so I can use them for my need like live speech recognition just like Google translate or youtube auto-generate subtitle.

I am not asking solution, I am asking “Is it possible” and if yes then what’s that property of Asterisk which will help me in this?

A channel can’t do two things at once. There are applications that passively do things within the model, such as ChanSpy or the ARI Snoop functionality, for audio that allow it to be in the dialplan or a bridge but get the audio - otherwise you have to steal a channel away and send it elsewhere.

suppose Once channel is added in bridge then is it possible to manipulate or access audio/media stream ?

That depends on what “added in bridge” means. ChanSpy can always be used on a channel, as can ARI Snoop. If using ARI, then an external media channel[1] can be added to the bridge to receive media as well and send it to an outside application or directed elsewhere. Putting these together can be used to do things with audio.

[1] Asterisk 18 Channels REST API - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Does the same thing apply for receiving too? Right?

Yes, it can be done bidirectionally or unidirectionally.

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This is a better introductory article to using External Media:

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