Is it possible to lower verbosity in part of the dialplan?

Colleagues, please tell me how to solve this problem.

I have written a fairly large dialplan, containing a series of operations that lead to issuing messages on the console.
I do not want to generally lower the verbosity of the console in order to be able to follow other events.

Is it possible to forcibly turn off the diagnostics output or reduce its verbosity within one dialplan, starting from one given line to the other.
Well, for example, from line n(lowverbose) and up to n(upverbose)?

In general, how to solve such a problem correctly?

There’s no ability to do such a thing. The log messages are all coded to a specific level. I’m not really sure there is a way to do as you wish.

This is regrettable.
It would be very convenient to say something like “Set(${VERBOSE} =“5”)” on the dialplan fragment that is already debugged. And in the area that is being now debugged set the value to 11.

If it would work, then it would be more likely “Set(Verbose=5)”.

I am not sure whether “core set verbose 100” works globally and not on a session level. If verbosity works globally, you could call a shell script with something like
asterisk -rx “core set verbose 5” maybe followed by
asterisk -rx “core set debug 5”
then wait a moment, before continuing. Not perfect, but it could close to what you want.

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