How to disable Asterisk Verbosity Completly

Hey All,

I’m trying to disable the verbosity completely, so far I tried setting verbose = 0 in asterisk.conf, which serves initial verbosity disable when I login to asterisk console.

But when I set the verbosity level from console like :- core set verbose 9999999999999999 , the verbosity enables to maximum & I can see complete activity on console.

Is there a way possible by which I can completely disable the verbosity ???

core set verbose 0

However, I rather suspect you are trying to turn off non-verbose messages as well. Knowing what you are really trying to do would help, although you might want to look at the logging categories in logger.conf.

Thanks for reply david.

Actually I’m trying to hide completely call flow messages from console , I need to do this for payment gateway implementation on Asterisk. For security reasons I want to completely hide/disable call flow messages.