Is it possible to enable Q.850 header in old Asterisk 1.6?

I’d like Q.850 reason header to be inserted in SIP messages after Hangup app. The version of Asterisk is quite old, I found some sip.conf parameter “use_q850_reason=yes” in the net, but it seems not working (sip.conf reloaded with the line added in [general] section or [paticular_peer] section doesn’t add the header in 603 Declined message). Is there any way to make it working in this version of Asterisk?


That code wasn’t added to chan_sip until the 1.8 branch. Since you’re on 1.6.2, it’s not part of that branch.


Thanks for reply. So no patch or any other magic for this branch?


At one point in time, there were one or more patches to add capability to chan_sip. Those patches went in post-1.6.2. You could go find those patches (I’m not keen on doing any of that leg-work), and then you could try to adapt them back to 1.6.2. It’s doubtful that those patches were done on-top of a clean 1.6.2, rather they were probably put to trunk, which probably had many other patches post-1.6.2. So, you’d be, at a minimum, combining a number of patches and figuring out how to back-port them. Also, 1.6.2 and 1.8 are both past their lifetimes - they’re no longer maintained.

Good luck.