Custom headers in BYE message

Hi - I am using the asterisk 16 version and chan_sip.

Is there any option to send custom headers in the BYE message ?

There is no such option, not even in the currently supported 18 and 20 versions, and the currently supported chan_pjsip driver. Asterisk 16 and chan_sip are no longer supported.

What header are you trying to add, and why?

I need to pass some information in the BYE packet info. So the Far end device will decide based on the info whether the call needs to disconnect or not.

The far end has no choice when it receives BYE. It has to terminate the session unicast sessions, and hast to respond with a success status, which Asterisk will interpret as ending the session.

Although not a general customisation, you can set the use_q850_reason option to cause a Reason header to be added, containing the hangupcause value. The equivalent for chan_pjsip is on by default.

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