Is it possible to cancel an attended transfer?


this should be easy to answer, but i can’t find a clear answer to this. We are running Asterisk 1-8-7 on Centos 5.5 / i686, and when the receptionist receives an incoming call, presses transfer and the extension answers or goes to voicemail, there is no way for the receptionist to cancel that transfer to return to the original call.

or am i missing something really obvious?
if this functionality doesn’t exist, could this be programmed somehow?


There is too little information, but that description suggests a SIP transfer, in which case you need to consult the documentation for the phone. For a SIP attended transfer, Asterisk is not aware that it is a transfer at that stage in the call.

If you are using a Asterisk transfer *1 or the like there is a Bug in the code.

We patched ours and its now OK. Ill have to dig out the patch or update to the lastest version and see if the problem is still there.

Thanks for the replies. It turns out that the Yealink T20 does have a button to return to the call after the transfer has been made. It is the MENU-button