Is it possible to call from PJSIP to SIP

I have two asterisk boxes, one has PJSIP and other has SIP, so if I am trying to send an call from PJSIP to SIP then we are getting the below
Dial(“PJSIP/mytrunk_IN-000067e9”, “PJSIP/1001/sip:s@,20,g,1”)

Getting ‘s’ extension but if I register the same extension 1001 in my xlite softphone then the string coming properly like below

Dial(“PJSIP/mytrunk_IN-000067e9”, “PJSIP/1001/sip:1001@,20,g,1”)

Please suggest what can be issue

You have provided what is in the application part of one line in your dialplan, but not what you expect it to do, so I don’t understand the question.

In actual we want to send parameters like below without ‘s’:

Dial(“PJSIP/mytrunk_IN-000067e9”, “PJSIP/1001/sip:1001@,20,g,1”)