Is it me or is it chan_skinny?

I’ve been testing two 7940 phones with a simple dialplan. They both are on an old firmware 5.0(6.0). I’ve been trying to avoid SIP because we still have Cisco call manager in operation.

Both phones seem to start up normally except for an “error verifying config info”, which I also get when I answer a call between the two phones. A verbose Asterisk tells me the devices were successfully registered.

The outcome of making calls between the two phones is pretty flaky. Playing around with the buttons generates error messages like “Could not find any lines that contained a subchannel with reference ‘7’ on device ‘2253’”, or causes segmentation faults. If I establish a call and hit the “call park” button, asterisk crashes, and the phones say “error verifying config info” then “CM down, features disabled”. One of the phones eventually recovers, the other needs a power cycle.

When trying out the transfer button it does strange this, and leaves calls in a state where they can’t be hung up, and a slightly different error from the asterisk console “Could not find subchannel with reference ‘3’ on ‘2253’”.

So the question is: Is it worth continuing down the SCCP route, with perhaps a firmware upgrade, or is SIP the only reliable path forward?

Asterisk- on the latest Centos. No connection to the outside world except the Internet through NAT.


I assume by the silence that I should steer clear of Skinny.