Is it impossible to receive SMS via a toll free number?

OK. Before you start laughing, I have an example where someone appears to be receiving text messages via a 866 number (toll free in the USA) from mobile phones. If you go to and click on “SMS/text messaging” under Help Topics, you will see that you can SMS to 866-687-2373.

I’m working on contract for a company that wants me to figure out if this is actually possible in the USA, and if so, what are the special things I need to do. There must be some special gateway considerations. But, are they cost prohibitive?

For 5 days, 12 hours a day, I’ve been searching the web, emailing everyone and calling service providers, and they all think I’m nuts.

And forgive me, but I am new to Asterisk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You Very Much :confused:

Do you mean if I send an SMS to 866-687-2373 I won’t be charged?