Ipkg installation - How to add Chan_Mobile and ChanSpy?


I’ve successfully setup and am running Asterisk 1.6 installed via ipkg on an Asus WL-500gp v2 Router (running TomatoUSB).

I’m wondering if anyone has got Chan_mobile or ChanSpy working on Tomato as I’m having a hard rime figuring out how to install these modules or even if the router would be able to handle them?

Thanks in advance.


Are you aware that no Asterisk 1.6 versions are receiving any normal bug fixes and only 1.6.2 is receiving security fixes? If you are starting now, you should be using 1.8.x.

I wasn’t aware of that David, thanks for letting me know. In that case I may well upgrade to 1.8.

Do you know if the ipkg installation of 1.8 includes Chan_Mobile or ChanSpy?

On second glance I am running asterisk so I guess I can still receive security fixes.

Ideally I would like to remain on 1.6.x as I have found the setup to be very stable and wouldn’t want to jump to 1.8 to find that I have gone backwards in stability.

I noticed that ipkg has the following listed:
asterisk16-addons - - Asterisk extras

Would this contain Chan_Mobile and ChanSpy? I installed the package but the said modules don’t appear in the root directory /opt/etc/asterisk/

Am I looking in the wrong place?


I don’t use ipkg or embedded packaged Asterisk.

Standard release of Asterisk places modules in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules
/etc/asterisk contains configuration files.

For 1.6.2, asterisk-addons contains chan_mobile.c.
For 1.6.2, app_chanspy.c is a standard application.

But, no idea what the packagers there have done; maybe best to ask whoever packages Asterisk for ikpg?


HI Malcom,

Thank you very much for that useful info, it allowed me to track down both chan_mobile (indeed in asterisk16-addons) and also how to enable chanspy.

I’m now battling to try and get bluetooth to work on the wl-500gp v2. The ipkg package is resulting in SEGMENTATION FAULT and so begins the next phase of struggles…

Best of luck with that.

You’re welcome to hit up the issue tracker at:


Guidelines here:


You’ll probably want to reproduce the problem on a standard x86 system though, as embedded systems carry their own peculiarities that can make debugging more difficult.

Note that the issue tracker is always worked best-effort - no guarantees or anything, it’s OSS.

Cheers :smile:

I’m attempting to debug locally and am becoming more familiar with the system. Like you say this may well be an embedded platform problem so I don’t feel it’s worth posting to the general asterisk bug process at the moment.

Thanks for the suggestion anyhow.