IPCop and Asterisk

I con’t make Asterisk running behind MS ISA Server so I have decided to try it with IPCop.

On IPCop 1.4.6 I have setup green and red interface. When I call from *1 on green interface to *2 on red interface nothing hapends. Pockets don’t go thrue IPCop.

When I call from *2 on red interface to *1 on green interface evrything works (I have setup port forwarding).

When I have established a call from red interface to green interface, afther that I can call from green interface to red, but only for couple of minutes (until connection is up), afther that I can’t again make call from asterisk1 on gree to asterisk2 on red.

Can anybody help me?

What Firewalls do you use? It seams to me that Asterisk can’t work behind any of them… :frowning:((


It is not that Asterisk cannot work behind any of them it is that most VOIP protocols were not designed with NAT in mind. Your best bet is to not put Asterisk behind a firewall or use your Asterisk server as a firewall too. My home Asterisk box is also my firewall, works well.

Thank you!

I’m Linux newbe. Can you tell me which distribution do you use? I use Red Hat. Can you send me your IPtables configuration? Any good tutorial or how to?