Ip phone with headset


I’m looking for IP-phones, which I can connect (on including) headset-microphone, for a call-center.

What kind of phone can I buy plz ?

PS : sorry for my bad english.

There are lots of phones there. Most good ones will support a head set. It depends on what you need. Post what you features you need to narrow down to what you need.

First, thank you for your answer.

I only need something very simple. Nothing particular. Just a phone to call, but I need to connect headset-microphone, because all are in a phone-room, in a call center.

Well you can go as cheap as the spa-841 (dont know if they are still in production). Instead of getting a phone that officlially supports a head set you can get a wire that will allow you to plug the head set in to the handset jack.

I don’t really need something so sofisticated (I couldn’t find the cost). I don’t need 2 lines. And this model doesn’t seem to have microphone-port, just headset-port (2.5mm) (saw here sipura.com/Documents/SPA-841.pdf).

I saw that snom can connect heaset too.


ok to make sure I understand you correctly:
You are setting up a call center. You want your agents to be able to talk using a headset with a microphone built in, like the following:
telefon.de/images/big/snom_h … hs_mm2.jpg (it’s a picture). You are looking for IP phones that are compatible with that sort of headset for your call center employees to use.

First (I think this is a translation issue)- ‘headset’ usually refers to a device with a speaker and a microphone in it. The image I linked above is a headset. Two speakers without the mic are called headphones, you use headphones to listen to music. There are many styles of headsets, some go over the ear, some go over the head; they are all called headsets if they have a mic. Thus, if you see a phone with a ‘headset port’ that means it has SOME KIND of audio output for a headset.

There are a few common types of headset connections. The most common is the 2.5mm minijack, which is used on many cell phones. This is a single pin which has both speaker and mic connections.
electronicsoutfitter.com/ima … -01-xc.jpg is a in-the-ear style headset with a 2.5mm minijack.
Some IP phones have these jacks. Grandstream GXP-2000 has a single 3.5mm headset jack, with an adapter you can use a 2.5mm headset. Note that this single jack is wired as a headset jack, same as 2.5mm. I believe many of the Linksys phones also use 2.5mm headset jacks.

Another type is dual 3.5mm jacks (one for speaker, one for mic).
headsets.uk.net/i/prod/audio30.jpg is a similar in-the-ear headset with dual 3.5mm jacks. This type of connection is only really used for computers. Thus, if you got Softphones (software IP phone that uses a computer headset) for your users, they would use these headsets to connect to their computers.
I don’t know of any IP phones with dual 3.5mm jacks.

Lastly, many IP phones have a modular headset jack. This is the same type of connection as to the handset (the part you pick up off the phone and hold to your head, often called the reciever). There is simply a separate jack so the phone can provide the user a choice between headset and handset. To use such a jack you must purchase a ‘Headset Amplifier’ which is designed for such a thing. SNOM and AAstra phones have these.

Hope that helps!

Very clear !
That was a translation issue effectively.
Thank you for all those details and the time you spent for me.