Changing From Headset To IP Phone. Need Help

I facing some of the problems to decide either to changes from current Headset to IP Phone. I need some advise of it:

  1. I current have a system running on my computer which call using Asterisk .This system able to records the call and also catching all the information key in by users. To make the call, user using headset which plugin to the computer. My question is can I using IP phone to replace headset?

  2. I have a IP Phone with me to do some testing. One of the testing i make is i call using the IP Phone through the server where the Asterisk install and it manage to call. But the problem are when i doing this testing I am using the Network Port direct connect to the IP Phone. Will it possible if i plug the network cable from IP Phone into my computer NIC card and at the same times my computer are connecting to the internet (mean i will install two NIC card inside same computer). Some one is mention the Windows may confix if got two IP in one computer (I not using Windows Server Version)

Thx For The Help :blush: :blush:

Can help? :question:


usually ip phone like snoms have 2 eth port. one can bridge the pc avoiding the sharing of the ip on you lan and the other can be used for wan access if you need.

take a look


Thx smaikol, I now able to connect the IP Phone to computer using sharing IP with computer :stuck_out_tongue: . So question number 2 solve. :smiley:

But now still remain question 1… i try to make it clear. Is like this, i have a software, example like skype which i can make call using headphone, now i wan to replace the headset with ip phone. Can? and How? Pls Help :blush: :blush:

Ok, i’ll try to explaine, if you have a voip provider, like voipdiscount, stanaphone, or whatever, ad you use their softphone to call through voip as you do with skype, you can configure quiet easly a normal voip phone, like a snom or a grandstream or another to use the voip provider.

is this your situation?
if it is, your done, just read well the user manual of your voip phone.

hope it helps