IP Authentication

Anyone knows how create a user in asterisk that be only auth by is IP?

Where specify the IP address asociated to some user?

Thanks :smile:

i think it is possible using this
in user config.

secret =***^
host= specific ip address-----> this is important as per ur requirement as user whose ip address is xxx.xx.xx.xxx will Autehnticate only with Asterisk


Thanks, with this the client don’t need to register in the server? I need that the client don’t need registration, user and password, only the IP is enought to connect.


Well, I know a bare bones SIP stanza will allow a client to make/recieve calls without “logging in”, but usually the client registers itself with the server regardless.

Without registration, I’d imagine asterisk wouldn’t even try to place the call. So while you could probably still make calls out, receiving calls would be problematic. I guess you could try pre-registering the client using the manager ( I think that’s possible…maybe not ), as long as the client is accepting calls on it’s end it might work.

Does that make sense?

I need to do that a Client don’t need to register to make calls… for example, the user 9000 don’t need user /pass, only the IP is enought auth for know who’s