Authenticaing a user by their IP address


We have some users that can not specify usernames/passwords so we need to be able to authenticate them by their IP address in the sip.conf.

Here is the config I’m trying in the sip.conf but it seems asterisk is just ignoring it and sending it to the default context with no callerID or any channel variables.

callerid=ipuser1 <1>

It also seems strange that asterisk is allowing these calls to hit the dialplan without any authentication at all. We don’t use a default context, but otherwise it seems just anyone could make calls into our servers.

We’re using asterisk 1.6.2-rc2 on centos5.

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

That configuration should work to match an inbound SIP call by IP without authentication. I’d suggest to try a non-RC version.