Interrupt Sound as voice is being recognized (Google Speech)

I need to create a IVR that is able to detect buzzwords, that is to say the user will be prompted with a list of voice options but if the user says one of them even when they have not been fully played the IVR sould redirect to another option.
Is it possible to use speech recognition as sound is being played with asterisk?
Now i’m trying EAGI with Google Speech Cloud but it blocks even MusicOnHold. Does anybody know a way to do this?

Please consider sharing links to your sanitized EAGI script!

If possible, you might try a conference bridge between the local parties and the cloud services. For example:

  1. Call is about to come into IVR.
  2. Instead, send it to a new ConfBridge.
  3. Spool calls connecting ConfBridge and two new Local channels.
    A. Local channel to EAGI and/or MusicOnHold.
    B. Local channel to buzz word detector service.

But this is only part of the configuration – it also depends heavily on what the EAGI script is doing.

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