Intermittent one-way audio


I know this is a common problem, but I’m still very new to Asterisk and I cannot seem to find an answer here.

Occasionally, after say twenty-minutes of conversation I get one-way audio or the call disconnects completely. The set-up is non-NAT and I have canreinvite switched off on my server (which is version 1.2.18 ). The device I use is a SPA-2102. I use more than one carrier and it doesn’t seem to be a carrier problem.

I have not been able to catch the terminal window in time to see how Asterisk has interpretted this part of the call and I’m not sure how to enable a permanent, date stamped log.

My server is a Mac Mini G4 running OS X Server 10.3 (not sure if that is relevent).

Many thanks.


I can’t help but wonder if my router could be causing a problem? Without some kind of log I can’t be sure but is anyone here using a Draytek Vigor 2800 series router with calls that last longer than 25 minutes??