Intermittent incoming calls issue after registering 56th handset on Spectralink DECT Server 6500 + Elastix 2.3.0-6/FreePBX-2.8.1(


We are operating a very old unmodified, save for Flash Operator Panel 2 add-on, PBX - Elastix 2.3.0-6/FreePBX-2.8.1( and a number of DECT handsets using Spectralink DECT Server 6500, namely 55.

After registering 56th handset on Spectralink server very often incoming calls to the 56th (and forth) handset fail with “Service Unavailable” message on caller’s phone screen.

Outgoing calls are ok, “sip show peers” command displays correct registation IP address for the extension.

First 55th handsets are working fine, all other wired IP/software phones are operating as usual.

The same extension that was using to register 56th handset doing just fine when assigned to any other SIP IP device, even tried to delete it and create from scratch.

Tried rebooting PBX, Spectralink DECT Server and base stations, using different handsets, extensions - to no avail.

To summarize, it seems like there is a limit on registration/other routines that can be done from a single IP address (since all of the Spectralink DECT handsets registered using DECT server’s IP address), or some weird bug either on Spectralink or Asterisk’s/Elastix side.

  1. How can I debug this issue from PBX’s side, preferably using Elastix’s web GUI?
  2. Is there any way to check if there is some kind of limit on amount of registrations/other routines from a single IP address?

Thanks in advance.

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