Intermittent hangs after parking a call

I recently upgraded my asterisk server to running on Linux FC8.

Ever since I have occasional and not-reproducible hang after a call is parked. Asterisk completely stops responding to phones, all active calls are dropped. Even an active manager connection hangs. Stopping and restarting asterisk solves the problem.

Asterisk does not hang every time a call is parked, but every time asterisk hangs it is in the process of parking a call.

I searched the archives and bug reports and can’t find any similar reports. Before I go down the path of submitting a bug report I thought I would check here to see if anyone else had seen this type of problem.

Configuration-wise there really isn’t anything to set up for CallParking other than enabling it in features.conf, right?

Any thoughts?

Sorry to reply to my own thread… I’m thinking (hoping?) that my problem is fixed here:

I will probably update to to pick up this bug fix and see if it addresses my problem. I would welcome any opinions. If this isn’t the right place to post this please let me know.