Intercom Feature

Running Asterisk:

Is there anyway to leverage the intercom feature to do the following?

Before the receptionist sends a call to an extension she would like to announce it just to that extensions. She doesn’t want everyone to hear it. Is there a way to press a key sequence, and then the extension of the person, to be able to come out on their speaker and announce the call?

Where would I even start to figure something like this out?

That would depend on the phone. If the phone had a second “lilne” that autoanswers in speakerphone mode, you might be able to do i.t,

They have Polycom 501s. The developer we have did something to make the intercom feature work on one specific extension. The client wants it to work on all extensions. The developer isn’t available right now and the client wants it done ASAP. I don’t even know where to look!

You need to edit the cfg files for the phones. You would need to set up a ftp/tftp/http server so that the phones can be updated. PM me if you want the files.

So are you thinking that the programmer edited the files on that particular extension which is why it only works for that one? If we wanted to do every other extension we would have to edit their cfg files as well?

What’s up with exten => _*66.,1,Page(${EXTEN:3}) ?

You may need something like SIPAddHeader(…) before the Page command though. For example:

exten => _*66.,1,SIPAddHeader(Answer-Mode: Auto)
exten => _*66.,n,SIPAddHeader(P-Auto-answer: normal)
exten => _*66.,n,Page(${EXTEN:3})