Intercom Devices

I’m in the process of figuring out how to replace my house’s proprietary phone system with Asterisk. One component is a set of two intercom panels outside the house. They are simple single button panels that call into the phone system when pressed and setup a call when answered.

Does such a thing exist in the IP telephony world? I would love to find an interface device for these Panasonic panels but I assume they are proprietary and will need to be replaced.


This posting gives me some help:

Asterisk Door Phones

There are a lot information on the forum about intercom system with Asterisk. I read about a device called VS-71 SIP it is used with Asterisk for Intercom system. Also you can use the auto answer feature on the SIP phones, but this feature need to enable manually because it is a security risk. and in most of the cases a proprietary SIP header is also needed in order that the auto answer works.

I see something similar from the manufacturer. It appears to be a stand-alone mic. Not quite what I’m looking for.

However, looking at my installed intercoms, I’m seeing a two-wire setup from each of them. I am hoping they are operating as standard phones and I can just plug them into an FXS port. I assume Asterisk can be configured so that when a phone is taken off hook, that phone will automatically ring several other extensions. I assume that is what is going on now with my current proprietary system. I am just going to have to experiment.

For analogue lines, this can be done with a one line dialplan:


Awesome! I will keep the post in mind once I start configuring Asterisk. At this point I don’t even know where dialplans go. But I’ll figure it out.