Does Asterisk meet these specs?

We are new to IP PBX and intercom systems and are looking to find a powerful solution for a current project (and future projects). Our question is can Asterisk meet all these specifications with typical hardware / implementation. We would probably try to use speakerphone type hardware at each of the remote call stations and there will be computer (PC windows based) workstations to answer the calls. We have to run over IP connections from the call center all the way to each indevidual intercom. - Thanks

Intercom System:

  1. Each facility shall have the ability to ring a different telephone number.
  2. Remote intercom call stations shall be furnished at all ticket dispenser, exit machine, and APS. Stations shall include “Press for Assistance” signs and visual/audio verification that assistance has been requested, and that assistance has been dispatched. Intercom system shall comply with current Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.
    a. Entire system shall operate without malfunction due to climatic conditions stated herein.
    b. The intercom system shall use data communications line to communicate to the master intercom workstation in the DPW communications room.
    c. The intercom system shall have a built in auto dialer that can dial a minimum of six different numbers, if first numbers do not answer or are busy.
    d. The intercom system shall have the ability to call on outside phone, ring a local phone or alternate between the two.
    e. The intercom shall have the ability to forward calls and roll over calls based on the time of day or day of week. Intercom shall automatically switch contact number based on the time of day or day of week.
    f. The intercom system shall have the ability to set calls in queues based on first come first serve basis, the next call in line is immediately connected. The system shall indicate location of incoming calls and for queued calls.
    g. Intercom shall accommodate two way initiation of conversation.
    h. The intercom system shall be programmable by facility, such that different facilities may ring different locations and telephone numbers.
    i. The system shall have built in auxiliary outputs for activating devices when the system receives calls and when calls are answered.
    j. The system shall have volume control for all remote and master units.
  3. The intercom shall include reports based on activation by device, response time from attendant, and a time and date stamp of all intercom calls.
  4. Intercom calls from any device in each facility to master intercom workstation shall have the ability to simultaneously send alert to cell phone, PDA, pager, email, etc. of corresponding on-site attendant via audible or text message.

Asterisk is not an intercom device. much of the stuff there is more to do with the phone you’re going to use, and nothing to do with Asterisk.

the rest of it, yes, it can be done. next question ?

Thank you for your response. I realize that Asterisk is an open source software package and not hardware, however if there are no phones or known hardware to accomplish what the spec says, it would be valuable to know that information.

So, next question is: does it sound reasonable to use Asterisk with currently available hardware (I noticed the S101I - IAXy and the Asterisk Appliance from Digium look promising) for this purpose or are we looking at this in the wrong way? We have to package the entire interface into a 3" by 3" face plate, so we would either have to work with OEM type boards or disassemble some phones to get the speakerphone assembly where we need it. I would imagine a “speed dial” type button and the mic/speaker would be all the user would get at the station, the rest would be tucked on a backplane inside the unit. If all this still sounds feasible, are there phone units that can be remotely programmed through Asterisk as far as what a speed dial button would dial? If this site/forum doesn’t really concern itself with the hardware aspects of the system, is there a site/forum that does? Thanks again for your help.

i think you might do well to look at some products from Viking …

it’s who i use for projects like this

Yes another vote for viking electronics.

They make a handful of call boxes that meed ADA requirements. Hook these up to FXS lines from *, which are set to immediately ring into a certain context. This context will try dialing out numbers in order, time of day, etc.

Viking also makes a few relay controllers which will activate on DTMF tones and stuff…

Great, I’ll start my hunt there.

Thanks for the feedback!

also one last idea- if its okay to not have all the phones be active at once you could check out the viking c-2000 door phone controller. It will take up to 4 door phones onto one line to the server, with relays for each phone that can be activated by the server using DTMF tones. They can be activated during a call (person uses phone box to call an agent, agents pushes ## or something to click the relay for that phone and let the guy in) or manually (asterisk server picks up line to the controller and dials a code to activate relay X).

Only issue is for every 4 boxes you can only have one call in use at a time…