Interactive voice response

hello everybody

i ve installed asterisk zaptel , and i have configure some foldres like extesion.conf, zaptel.conf , zapata.conf et sip.conf.

now i m looking to make a interactive voice response , so i hope for your help to make it.

thinks a lot and sorry for my english not well



You will find “a simple credit card application” example here:



hello !
thinks for your help but i don t understand english well , i ve found many topics, so if you can send me a exemple of folder “extenions.conf”, “zaptel.cnf”, “zapata.conf”, “sip.conf” and IVR

thinks my emaill is ""

thinks a lot

Take look at this tutorial . To be able to create IVR you need to edit extesnion.conf. It’s very easy.

thinks for help
its very nice