Interactions between extensions.ael and extensions.conf

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I read that it is possible to use extensions.conf and extensions.ael at the same time. To what degree do they interact? I tried to get a dialplan working in .ael but it didn’t work so I stuck with .conf. Now i have written a short macro in .ael and I am trying to call it from .conf but I get an error…

‘No such context’

The line to call the macro in the .ael file is…

exten => _.,n,Macro(queue-addremove(tech,10))

Can anyone shed some light on my problem? Is it that you may define contexts in both files but they can’t interact or what?


edit ---------------------

I discovered the aelparse app which seems to have revealed my error. I am using a goto statement to move between extensions but the goto statement requires a label. I don’t want to use labels… i think they are a very poor programming concept (from my PASCAL days) so is there a better way to move between extensions in my .ael file?