Call macro in extensions.ael from

Hi to all,
sorry for my ugly english but I hope to explain my problem.

I’ve created in file extensions-outgoingcall.conf a context call outgoing like this

        exten => _1XX,1,Dial(SIP/9000/${EXTEN},|tT)
        exten => _0.,1,NoOp(siamop in outgoing-extensions)
        exten => _0.,2,Set(fruit=peach)
        exten => _0.,3,Macro(chiama('a','b'))

and a macro in extensions.ael like this

macro chiama( numero,  utente) {

When, from my phone, I try to call a number like “0046455555” asterisk correct matches the number but this message appear:

[Sep 22 00:03:21] WARNING[2709]: app_macro.c:246 _macro_exec: No such context 'macro-chiama('1'' for macro 'chiama('1''

So my question is: How can i call a macro created with AEL from a .conf file?

At the moment, the only solution that I found, is to create a context in AEL file, use a goto context name inside outgoingcalls.conf file and call the macro from the context using “&chiama”.
But this can’t be the solution. Any idea?

Thanks in advance


i have the same problem, you can create a macro in the file extensions.ael and create a context for this macro


macro name-macro(Parameters)

Macro code


context name-context
_1XXX => &name-macro(Arg1,Arg2…ArgN);

if you need call this context from extensions.conf you need call the context created in extensions.ael you can use the function Gosub() in the file extensions.conf
exten => 2345,1,Gosub(name-context,${EXTEN},1{ARG1,ARG2,ARG3})

or you can go to you sip.conf file and set to the sip configuration the context to name-context like this.

type = peer
context=name-context (context created in extensions.ael)

i hope help you a little bit

Macros in all forms are deprecated.

AEL implements macros using subroutines, so mixing AEL and standard dialplan is likely to cause confusion.

Also, very few people ask questions about AEL, so I presume very few people use it.