Interact between two asterisk

now i want my iaxclient call an extension ,this extension locate asterisk server A. when server A receives call ,server A will transfer the call to an extension of asterisk server B. according to the … al+servers, this can be done i can call server B through server A. but the call will hangup several seconds. i grap the packets and found that server B can receive iaxclient 's packets while iaxclient can not receive B’s packets when my iaxclient using a private ip. if my iaxclient using a public ip ,they can work fine. what’s wrong? any reply will be greate appreciated!

it seems that my iaxclient send too many vnak frames too fast and they hangup the call. any ideas?

Dont know … I connected two Asterisk servs via iax and it worked without a problem at lan. By the way I tried with two methods. One with static ip configuration and no server client registration. This worked without a problem. Also tried with dynamic ip configuration and register string. There were some bugs with this second variant, and I used some hours before this variant worked.

… so the static configuration without the use of register string apeared to be the easy one …