Integration problem with Lucent Partner

I am integrating asterisk with Lucent Partner R3.0 system. I basically connected 4 extensions from Lucent PBX into asteris using the Digium TDM card.

I am able to receive incomming calls but when I need to call the Partner extensions, it doesn’nt work. I can call outside numbers but somehow ‘intercom’ extensions do not work. The other extensions on Lucent Partner are using the MLs-18D phones and they have button called ‘Intercom’. The caller hits the ‘Intercom’ button and dials the extension number.

How do I implement the ‘Intercom’ button in Asterisk. Is there a specific Dial plan? Please help…

I don’t think what you want to do is possible. I’ve installed a crapload of Partner systems and I honestly don’t see how you can make the intercoms work between the two. Is there a reason you’re keeping the Partner system?

One of the case studies mention about interfacing Asterisk with Lucent Partner. This person Gerald Pickford was able to dial an Avaya extension from asterisk by using the trunk line connected to the Avaya system.

Connecting Asterisk to a Partner system is one thing, making the intercom work between the two is a completely different story.

If all you wanted to do was dial between the two systems you need to decide how you’re going to connect them. FXS to trunk on the Partner, or FXO to extension on the Partner? FXO to extension would make more sense because then you could direct dial extensions back and forth. Using an FXS from Asterisk to connect to the Partner would limit you to looking like an incoming call for anyone using the Partner.

Does that help at all?

Thanks for the response. I agree with you. But the problem is still there. Here is my connection,

Partner extension -----> FXO(Asterisk) ----> SIP extension
Partner extension -----> MLS-18d

But how does SIP extension dial a partner extension(MLS-18d)? The otherway, Partner(MLS-18d) can dial the SIP extension. I am not able to config the SIP phone to dial a Partner.